“I am more than happy to recommend Paula as both a writer and script editor. She is hard working, imaginative and easy to work with. I would happily employ her in either capacity.”

–          Jon Plowman O.B.E.

(Award-winning Producer, Exec and former Head of BBC Comedy)

“Paula has an incredibly rare writing style. She’ll take a character that’s just learnt to walk, and through her gift for dialogue will show us how that character can fly.   When it comes to narrative, Paula’s understated, considered and gobsmackingly perceptive. She understands what it means to work in a team – both as a writer and a script editor – and quietly brings something unique and brilliant to the table.”

–         Lucy Armitage

(Producer – Benidorm, Sony Award Winning Producer, Down The Line, The Mark Steel Lectures, Rudy’s Rare Records)

“I have read it and I am really happy with it. I love the looking to camera bit at the end.” 

Benjamin Zephaniah in response to my adaptation of his stage script, “De Botty Business” for Prostate Cancer UK

“Paula has a great eye for story, character, structure, detail, what makes a dramatic scene… more importantly, she’s funny. Hire her.”

–     Jon Brown

(BAFTA winning writer, Loaded, Fresh Meat, Misfits, Babylon, Mongrels) 

“I’ve worked closely with Paula in development and production, over many years and many shows. Her script editing skills are second to none. As well as being incredibly professional, she’s calm under pressure and I’ve seen her smile disarm the most tense of read-throughs! She’s blossomed into a very talented writer herself. If I were to offer a pithier summary I’d say ‘Hines: full of beans’, but she’d probably edit that out on the grounds it isn’t funny enough – and as usual, she’d be right.”

–       Jon Mountague

(Sky Head of Comedy and former Head of BBC Comedy North)

“Paula has worked with us on three series of Rudy’s Rare Records and wrote two excellent episodes of the last series.  She’s funny.  And tells good stories.  And she’s a pleasure to work with.”

–         Steven Canny

(Exec Producer, BBC Radio Comedy)

“Paula really knows her way around scripts. So much so, that she script edits brilliantly and also writes herself. Because of her skill, knowledge and passion for the written word and also because she’s dead nice, producers and other writers love working with her.”

–  Mark Freeland

(Controller BBC Fiction and Entertainment, former Head of BBC Comedy)

“Paula’s notes are always perceptive, incisive and, well, correct. She has an unerring ability to see through the gags to the heart of the story and find that one little tweak that can transform a whole episode. It’s a bit creepy to work with someone who understands a script more clearly than the writer, but Paula saved my narrative skin, bacon and indeed ass on several occasions”

–         Daniel Peak

(Writer – Not Going Out, Mongrels, I’m With Stupid)

“Paula’s script nous and forensic eye for detail encourage you to look at your script from a new angle — just what you need when embarking on a re-write. Also, and just as important, she’s a joy to work with.”

–         James Hendrie

(Oscar-winning writer & director, head writer on After You’ve Gone)

“Paula has worked across several projects for me and her script notes have always been perceptive and clearly articulated. Her calm unobtrusive style elicits the best from writers. As with many of the most effective script editors Paula is also a really good writer.”

–          Paul Schlesinger

(Award-winning Producer and Exec – W1A, Twenty Twelve, Comic Relief)

“Paula is the best editor I have ever worked with. Brilliant at dissecting scripts, she maintains her focus and humour throughout.  With her input, I become a better writer.”

–         Dave Cummings

(Writer – Nurse, Ruddy Hell! It’s Harry & Paul, Happiness, Kevin & Perry Go Large, Twisted Tales)

“You couldn’t find a more considerate and patient collaborator than Paula Hines.  She is full of great ideas and her meticulous and friendly approach makes her a writer’s dream!  I would highly recommend her.”

–         Justin Davies

(Executive Producer & Former Managing Director – Lucky Giant, Producer – Psychoville, Absolutely Fabulous, Quacks, Beautiful People)

“Paula script edited 2 series of After You’ve Gone – which was a team-written show – so there were always plenty of voices in the room!  Her notes were excellent – and she was always a pleasure to have on the team.  I have no hesitation in recommending her.”

–          Rosemary McGowan

(Producer – Jonathan Creek, After You’ve Gone, Being Eileen, Lapland)

“Whether it’s as a writer, script editor or analyst, Paula knows her way around a script.  She’s clear, practical, and knows where the fix is.  Trust Paula.”

–         Micheal Jacob

(Head of MJ Scripts, Exec Producer and former Head of BBC Comedy College)

“Paula is brilliant.  She finesses and hones a script with sensitivity and impeccable comic timing.  Her instincts are great and backed up by hard work.  I hope to work with her again soon.”

–          Jacqueline Wright

(Director – Out of Water by Alice Lowe, Jackal Films)

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